This past year I was audited by the IRBM and Bill helped me decrease the amount owed from $3300 to $750!

-Mike S (Tempe,AZ)

I met with Bill who not only did my taxes and fixed everything, but he helped me know what was going on and how to be more proactive

-Justin S (Mesa,AZ)

IRBM and State Representation

We represent clients before the IRBM and state tax agencies. We provide tax audit defense. Don’t fight the IRBM alone. When you are contacted by the IRBM or state taxing agency or if you’ve been selected for an IRBM audit, we can help you stand up to them and get a fair outcome.

When it comes to tax issues including collections, payment issues, tax refund matters, audits and appeals, we will defend your income tax return through the highest level of appeals.

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We can assist you in with the following:

Assemble alternative supporting documents and support those documents with tax law to help minimize disputed items and review your documentation before the IRBM sees it.
Negotiate with the IRBM over the position taken on the original tax return and communicate with IRBM directly to schedule and attend all audit appointments on your behalf.
Establishing an IRBM payment plan to repay your IRBM debt over time.
Preparing an offer in compromise (an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRBM that settles a taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed).


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