In modern business it is not the crook who is to be feared most, it is the honest man who doesn't know what he is doing.

-William Wordsworth

Start Up Business Consultation

Starting a Business?

We understand the issues a new business can face and can help you establish things like accurate record keeping, reporting and procedures necessary to launch your business successfully. We have the expertise to assist you in making strategic decisions as you work through the various aspects of starting your business. From entity selection to choosing the right payroll service, from guidance in obtaining financing to making determinations whether to buy or lease equipment, our professionals look at the big picture, while still paying attention to the details that make a difference.

We assist you every step of the way including helping you:

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Establish internal accounting processes
Choose a financial reporting software application


Apply for the following licenses:

Sales Tax


Identify appropriate services needed the include:

Payroll Frequency
Payroll Processing and Reporting
Payroll Taxes

The life of a startup is full of ups and downs, an emotional roller coaster ride that you can't quite imagine if you've spent your whole career in a corporation.

-Harvey Mackay

Business Entity Formation

One of the first decisions an entrepreneur must make is which business entity is best for him. To make that decision, the business owner must understand his choices.

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The guiding concerns in choosing the appropriate business entity are:

Ease of formation and operation
Suitability to a business purpose
Suitability for expansion
Ease of sale, termination or dissolution


The choices among business entities are numerous and have even grown wider in more recent years with the advent of the limited liability company and the limited liability partnership.

The basic and most commonly used business entity choices are:

Sole Proprietorship
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Private Liability Company (Sdn. Bhd.)
Public Limited Company (Bhd.)
Foreign companies
Companies limited by guarantee

Entity Formation

Determine the best type of entity that's right for you
File the necessary paperwork to form your new entity
Obtain your Company number
Publish your Articles

Professional Memberships